Investors in Enforcement Agents 


The Certificated Enforcement Agents Association (CEAA) has been formed to provide an Association that represents those that are certificated under the Certification of Enforcement Agents Regulations 2014. 

It will be run by its Members for its Members with an aim to share knowledge, provide information, promote standards, share individual services on a commercial basis, encourage education as well as providing a voice for those carrying out enforcement. 
It will represent the self-employed Enforcement Agent as well as those employed by companies or Local Authorities. 
By keeping Enforcement Agents informed of all changes in legislation, consultation and access to Association minutes of meetings as soon as is practicable, the Members will be able to carry out enforcement from a solid foundation based on knowledge and ongoing training. 
The CEAA Ethos is to promote the compliance and standards required whilst executing Warrants/Liability Orders under the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 and related legislation. 
By becoming a member of CEAA the Enforcement Agent accepts that they will be monitored through a complaints process that will aim to understand both sides of the event, taking into consideration, legislation and the enforcement process in practical terms

Mission Statement 

The Association has 5 key aims; 
To provide a democratic organisation to assist those individuals engaged in enforcement activities and improve their academic, business and practical knowledge. 
To promote professional standards through improved training and education of all Agents and gaining recognition of Enforcement Agent as a professional. 
Progress the Association towards a professional Institution, improving understanding of the profession to all. 
CEAA will provide and deliver training to all those working within the industry through its strategic delivery partners, improving standards of service for all those involved in the enforcement sector. 
To strive to obtain the endorsement of all those using Enforcement Agents by signing up to our ‘Investors in Enforcement Agents’ accreditation programme. 

Together we can make our mission an accomplishment 

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