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As Enforcement commences again and visits to residential premises will be allowed under legislation on the 24th August 2020, we would like you to just make sure you have “all your ducks in a row.” 
Do not forget your membership entitles you to get the Covid19 course for enforcement agents free of charge, over 600 EAs have now achieved a qualification on this course. If you require free access to this course please email quoting your membership number. 
As a member you also have access to the CPD Portal supplied by IES Training which allows you to brush up on your knowledge, just contact … if you are not already registered. 
Make sure your certificate is up to date, please remember you could extend it with a letter from the court if it expired during the emergency period. 
The TCG Amendment Coronavirus regulations provide for the six-month extension to be granted (once an EA’s certificate is within three months of expiry). However, in order to provide proof of this extension, EAs will need to contact the County Court Business Centre (CCBC) to request a letter. This will be provided subject to a valid bond being in place – EAs should include alongside their request to CCBC evidence either of a new bond or that a valid bond is already lodged with the local court which issued their certificate. CCBC will then confirm the validity of the bond with the local court and if there are any issues, the local court will contact the EA to resolve these. 
Finally and most importantly make sure any insurance needed is up to date, Nigel has very kindly supplied some information below, please feel free to contact Nigel directly and quote your membership number for a discount. 
Professional Indemnity 
Property Damage (including theft) 
Increased cost of working 
Money Cover 
Employer’s Liability 
Public and Products liability up to £10 million 
Employee Dishonesty 
Legal Expenses Cover up to £50,000 indemnity 
EA Bond with or without EAC2 complaint cover 
Nigel’s contact details: 
Nigel Perry 
Managing Director 
MW Commercial Risk Solutions 
Mobile : 07578 342334 
Office : 03331 505503 
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