Investors in Enforcement Agents 

Update for certificate extensions received from Ministry of Justice. 

The Taking Control of Goods Amendment Coronavirus regulations provide for the six-month extension to be granted (once an EA’s certificate is within three months of expiry). However, in order to provide proof of this extension, EAs will need to contact the County Court Business Centre (CCBC) to request a letter. This will be provided subject to a valid bond being in place – EAs should include alongside their request to CCBC evidence either of a new bond or that a valid bond is already lodged with the local court which issued their certificate. CCBC will then confirm the validity of the bond with the local court and if there are any issues, the local court will contact the EA to resolve these. 
Once the local court has confirmed the existence of a valid bond, CCBC issue the EA with written confirmation that the certificate has been extended and update the online certification register. 
Furlough scheme and holiday pay explained 
The way we calculate holiday pay has changed from 6/4/2020, this only applies to employers, i.e. people with staff on a PAYE payroll, this is not relevant to sole traders or partnerships that do not employ any staff. 
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