Investors in Enforcement Agents 
Some good news for Christmas! 
Lord Lucas met with Lord Keen (The House of Lords’ Spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice, and also the minister with immediate responsibility for enforcement law) last week as promised, and reports as follows. 
Bailiff Reforms 2014 
The one year review on the Bailiff Reforms 2014 will be published soon - there are still some sign-offs required, especially around fees. 
The three year review will go out to consultation “in the new year”. This consultation will either be for 10 or 12 weeks. What concerns Lord Keen most are the reports of “inconsistency” of enforcement practice. 
Lord Keen would welcome ELRG involvement with the consultation. ** 
Independent Regulator 
He is very happy to discuss regulation, and has only two preconceptions: 
That the cost of the running an Independent Regulator should be assumed ultimately to be paid by debtors. 
That it is kept simple and that it only involves the MoJ. For instance, the rules should not cover creditors directly, but might e.g. require enforcement agents to complete a checklist when they receive a commission, which makes sure that the creditor explicitly claims to have behaved properly. 
**Lord Lucas’s suggestion, which will require the support of the soon- to– be-formed Steering Group for ELRG, would be that we pencil in an ELRG meeting for about 3 weeks prior to the end of the Consultation period to see if ELRG can contribute to compromise. 
AMGS December 2017 
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